Unique Funeral Programs for their Loved Ones

memorial programsHere’s a great business opportunity a lot of people aren’t aware of…

Unique funeral programs. Okay, it might sound a bit morbid, but let’s face it, death is a huge business that amounts to the multi-billions of dollars yearly in the United States alone.

And setting up a home business as someone who can make their loved one’s death a bit more unique and special to them is not only an opportunity, it’s also a public service.

Just think of the possibilities. You can create beautiful programs using Photoshop that are totally unique to each individual. Or to really be able to charge a lot, create beautifully hand written programs or memory cards for unique funerals.

You don’t even have to stick to using funeral programs. You can venture out into funeral player card templates as well.

Now obviously this home business idea would be great for someone to understand Zen can use graphics software. But that’s not completely necessary.

I’ll tell you a little secret, personally I love design. But I am no graphics person.

Rather what I do is outsource all of the graphics work. I simply sketch out ideas on regular paper using a pencil. I buy reams of copy paper and used those to draw out the basic idea of what I want.

I then scan those pictures and send them to an outsourcer.

This is really beneficial in a few ways.

funeral brochureFirst, the outsourcer can visually see what I’m trying to achieve. This really helps with getting back work that I am happy with. Because when you just use words in order to describe of visualization, you often come back with some disappointment.

And it’s not the outsourcers fault. They simply don’t know what’s in your head. That’s why I really like drawing things out so there’s no ambiguity.

And you don’t even need any graphic skills at all if you don’t want to go that route.

If you have beautiful handwriting, or your skilled at calligraphy, just having a hand written funeral prayer cards can be enough to give you a full time and profitable business.

And let’s face it, funerals are not cheap!

There are a lot of people will pay a lot of money in order for their loved one to be remembered the way they want them to be remembered.

And nothing says class like a hand written funeral program or funeral prayer card.

So how would you get clients for something like this?

As morbid as it would seem, probably the best place to contact the right people would be to go through the obituaries.

Create a nicely laid out and written hello letter and send it through regular snail mail to the bereaved.

Another thing you can do is give a kind of affiliate program to funeral homes.

Meaning, just go right to the funeral homes and tell them about your unique service. Then tell them if they offer your services in the package that the people choose from when making burial arrangements, you will give them a certain percentage of whatever that person spends.

So for example, the funeral home shows someone that is burying their loved one today. They decide on a Cascades and all the funeral services. Then the mortician explains how they could have beautifully created funeral programs made especially for their loved one.

If the person decides to go for the package, then you give say 10 or 25% of the money they pay to the funeral home.

It’s perfect for the funeral home because they don’t have to do all the work. All they are doing is referring one of their clients to a great unique service that you are providing. Yet they still get paid.

And you get a new client. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

And this is one of those home businesses where you don’t really even need to leave the house. So if you have a handicap or there are some other reasons why you’re unable to leave your home, this could be a great way to earn income.

It’s the perfect home business opportunity for those with solid Photoshop skills or excellent penmanship.

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