Never Pay Taxes on Your Profits

cryptocurrency and taxesOkay, so this might be a little “controversial”.

No one likes to pay taxes. I know I sure don’t.

But working online has a few benefits that you may not be completely aware of. One of them being tax evasion.

Today’s technological advancements haven’t been just limited to software and hardware. They have actually gone as far as changing the entire monetary system as a whole.

Have you heard of Cryptocurrencies yet?

If not, then you need to start doing some of your own research. It’s totally worth your time!

See, cryptocurrencies allow people to make transactions without ever needing to use a bank or any other financial institution in order to complete the transaction.

AND there is NO government intervention. There is no government involvement at all.

Talk about disrupting the world’s largest bank and governments!

Cryptocurrencies are actually just zeros and ones. They are completely digital and their value depends upon what the market as a whole feels they should be valued at.

That means it’s impossible to manipulate them like governments and banks do everyday.

But because they are digital and impossible to trace, you can be payed and spend digital currency without your home government ever knowing you were the owner of these assets!

That means you do not need to pay taxes! How cool is that?

And if you think it’s hard to spend them, you’re wrong again. It’s actually getting easier and easier.

For example, I was looking at Timbergrove homes for sale here in Texas so I could have some hard assets, and I found a seller that was willing to take cryptocurrency rather than actual cash!

If this is all new to you, you really need to start learning about cryptocurrencies and their power to disrupt the entire world’s economic system.

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