How Obama’s New Bill Is Helping Change One Fashion Industry Start Up

Very soon people, and we mean anyone, are going to be able to start both investing and secure investing in pretty much any small business without the headaches of the “big boys” typical Accredited Investor where you need a net worth of a million dollars.

“This is fantastic news,” says Silvia Brown, owner of Stylewe. “We have wanted to expand but the regulations that are put on investors has been a problem, because the only avenue we had was to go through typical Venture Capitalists. But we are still too small for most of them.”

Mrs. Brown runs Stylewe, a fashion and design website that sells the latest in woman’s apparel. When she started the website, her main focus was to allow other designers to also get their fashion seen and hopefully sold. “Go for your passion – sell your unique dress” is the tagline she went with.

“Allowing many designers access to a sales portal is what helped our company grow stylewe designersso quickly. It’s been a win-win for not only me and the designers, but the customer as well as they get a taste of so many different styles and concepts.

Currently the fashion industry is worth a whopping $1.2 trillion dollars. That’s a lot of money, and new start ups are stepping in to get their piece of the action.

With President Obama’s four year old bill that allows small investors to finally invest directly into any start up without all the normal regulatory hassles that normally come with such investments, we only see small companies like Silvia’s growing quickly.

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