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how much is a star

How to Buy a Star?

Here’s a great idea for an online business I ran across the other much is a star

Just imagine if you could own a piece of the heavens. Seriously.

The fact is no one really “owns” space. Nor could they really.

And that’s the beauty of this business idea.

How would you like to buy a star?

Yeah, get a certificate and everything proving your ownership of a star!

How cool would it be as a gift for your wife or girlfriend? So unique!

Or how about buying a star on the day of the birth of your child? One of the coolest keepsakes I can think of.

And it’s not like you’ll ever run out of stock!

There are billions of stars in our galaxy alone. You could sell a million stars to every person on the planet and still never use .00000001% of your stock.

Now that’s a business idea.

And yes, there are plenty of people that are actually buying these stars as well as plenty of websites selling them. Just Google “Buying a Star” to get an idea.

But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t get something similar off the ground.

You could start with your friends and family. Hopefully they’ll love the idea and start spreading the word.

Or target people around you with fliers and old school gorilla marketing tactics. It really doesn’t matter.

What you’re trying to do is get your idea and “business” out there for everyone to see.

A great place to start with a business like this would also be social media. People love to share unique and interesting stuff.

The biggest hurdle I see is making your “Owner Certificates” standing you from every one else’s.

Here are a few ideas I thought of off the cuff…

They would need to look official, something like an official looking seal would really help. Maybe one that you could get made up as a rubber stamp and then stamp each one individually.

And use the color red or some other “bold” color to really stand out and add depth to the certificate.

Make the paper nice and heavy. Like the kind of paper your diploma is printed on.

There would be nothing that would let me down after my purchase than receiving some thin piece of copy paper as my certificate. It just screams cheap and “unofficial”!

If you can master the art of calligraphy, you can always do the entire certificate by hand. Obviously this is something you would need to charge quite a bit of money for to make it worth your wild.

But I’m sure some people would go for the “VIP” package.

What about you? Have you seen any clever ideas for an online business? Let us know in the comments below! I’d love to hear them.

cryptocurrency and taxes

Never Pay Taxes on Your Profits

cryptocurrency and taxesOkay, so this might be a little “controversial”.

No one likes to pay taxes. I know I sure don’t.

But working online has a few benefits that you may not be completely aware of. One of them being tax evasion.

Today’s technological advancements haven’t been just limited to software and hardware. They have actually gone as far as changing the entire monetary system as a whole.

Have you heard of Cryptocurrencies yet?

If not, then you need to start doing some of your own research. It’s totally worth your time!

See, cryptocurrencies allow people to make transactions without ever needing to use a bank or any other financial institution in order to complete the transaction.

AND there is NO government intervention. There is no government involvement at all.

Talk about disrupting the world’s largest bank and governments!

Cryptocurrencies are actually just zeros and ones. They are completely digital and their value depends upon what the market as a whole feels they should be valued at.

That means it’s impossible to manipulate them like governments and banks do everyday.

But because they are digital and impossible to trace, you can be payed and spend digital currency without your home government ever knowing you were the owner of these assets!

That means you do not need to pay taxes! How cool is that?

And if you think it’s hard to spend them, you’re wrong again. It’s actually getting easier and easier.

For example, I was looking at Timbergrove homes for sale here in Texas so I could have some hard assets, and I found a seller that was willing to take cryptocurrency rather than actual cash!

If this is all new to you, you really need to start learning about cryptocurrencies and their power to disrupt the entire world’s economic system.

StyleWe is a fshion portable with dresses and apparal from a variety of designers.

How Obama’s New Bill Is Helping Change One Fashion Industry Start Up

Very soon people, and we mean anyone, are going to be able to start both investing and secure investing in pretty much any small business without the headaches of the “big boys” typical Accredited Investor where you need a net worth of a million dollars.

“This is fantastic news,” says Silvia Brown, owner of Stylewe. “We have wanted to expand but the regulations that are put on investors has been a problem, because the only avenue we had was to go through typical Venture Capitalists. But we are still too small for most of them.”

Mrs. Brown runs Stylewe, a fashion and design website that sells the latest in woman’s apparel. When she started the website, her main focus was to allow other designers to also get their fashion seen and hopefully sold. “Go for your passion – sell your unique dress” is the tagline she went with.

“Allowing many designers access to a sales portal is what helped our company grow stylewe designersso quickly. It’s been a win-win for not only me and the designers, but the customer as well as they get a taste of so many different styles and concepts.

Currently the fashion industry is worth a whopping $1.2 trillion dollars. That’s a lot of money, and new start ups are stepping in to get their piece of the action.

With President Obama’s four year old bill that allows small investors to finally invest directly into any start up without all the normal regulatory hassles that normally come with such investments, we only see small companies like Silvia’s growing quickly.

cryptocurrency and taxes

10 Advantages of Starting an Online Business



In this article, I will share with you 10 advantages of starting an online business.

1. Low start-up cost. The cost to start an Internet Business is much lower when compared to starting a brick-and-mortar business.

2. High profit margins. When the product is a digital product which is entirely created by you, for e.g. an e-book written by you, then you will have 100% profit from the sale.

3. Work when you want. You can choose to work at night or in the day.

4. Wake up when you want. You will have the flexibility to plan your working schedule.

5. Flexible working environment. You can work at home, in a café, or in your office.

6. Beginners can do it. Do your research on the Internet, and try out the different model of existing online business model.

7. Operate 24/7. Your website will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, earning money even while you are sleeping.

8. Market not bound by geographical location. Internet has no geographical boundary limits, therefore your customers come from everywhere in the world.

9. Not bound by who you are. Nobody will care about your age, your race, your nationality.

10. Experience and learn business skills such as accounting, negotiating, business system developing, etc.

Student Judy Cole explains how she began a small internet website while she was a student at West Campus Austin and living in a small student housing apartment. “Since I was studying and doing some library work to help pay for college, I didn’t have a lot of time to pursue other endeavors. I started the website while I sat bored in the library waiting for students to check out books.

So I was only able to work an hour here or there. But after a few months, I was making more money with my “side project” as a student than with anything else I was doing. I quite the library and devoted myself full time. Now the site makes over five thousand dollars a month.”

So do not hesitate anymore. Start your online business journey now.  It’s way easier than you think.  All you need is a little belief in yourself, some determination and an idea.  Only YOU can change your life!